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What is the main differences between BC3 and BC5 ?

BC3 is a mature ERP system which is stable, fast and reliable, suitable for SME use. It is priced lower than BC5. It cannot be further coded for custom expansion like add new module (BC5 can). BC5 has all the features of BC3, add on with a stronger and more secure database, and most importantly the ability to work with a concurrent access web application like BC-CRM which share all database tables in real-time.

Can I buy BC3 first then later upgrade to BC5 ?

Yes you can by paying the difference between the 2 systems and also the upgrade service costs for porting the data and converting to a more powerful and secure database.

Is there local support in Singapore?

Yes,while the standard support is remote suport via web (user and our tech will voice call and see the same screen appearing on customer site’s PC), we can also go onsite for emergency support.