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If you want to take control of your established business from departments to operations, then BizControl ERP will be your best IT investment ever made.

BizControl is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that integrates many departmental functions of a company into a single system. It is suitable for a growing company that wants to improve business efficiency and increase profitability. Furthermore, BizControl© can be customized to tightly suit any business process. In summary BizControl ERP:-

  • Increases business profit by increasing sales turnaround speed and decreasing decision time.
  • Lowers business operating cost by improving operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Lowers IT support cost through remote access support (optional) and a reliable system.
  • Forge long term relationship and peace-of-mind through long term maintenance support and upgrade options.

BizControl ERP together with RDP Server allow your company to work anywhere in the world and securely access the same software system that controls your operation, sales, purhcases, finance, accounting and other important departments.

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