BizControl ERP 5

BizControl ERP is a fast-track Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business solution that helps your company to integrate most of its functions into a single system in order to optimise resources and eliminate wastage brought about by poor communication and co-ordination.

The modules available include Customer, Supplier, Inventory Management, Quotation, Invoicing, Purchasing, Accounting and can be further customized to customers' requirement. If most of your work is done only within office premises then this solution is sufficient for you.

However if your business requires remote access, then it also allows workers and management to remotely access the system via web (via RDP) or via BC Web Application like BC CRM, which is especially important at a time when disease like SARS can force workers to operate from home or another building.


BC CRM is a complementary standard or customised web-browser based solution to access the same BC ERP data, and extends its ability from secure LAN access to web browser based access, while only exposing the non-sensitive areas.