BizControl© ERP

Welcome to DBCSoft BizControl ERP. BizControl ERP is the main product and platform of DBCSoft. It is a powerful business and operation management system developed by DBCSoft Pte Ltd locally in Singapore. It is a fast-to-deploy Hybrid ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and contains many modules serving many industries.

Based on a robust and stable Database Engine and easy to navigate interface, BizControl incorporates the essential elements that help companies function in day-to-day business, and stores all data into a database for data mining and reporting. It is highly reliable and can be further customized to suit different industries. Hence it works for SMEs businesses as well as MNCs, with customers also running it on a 24 x 7 basis in factory production environment.

It serves many types of companies very well by having a very powerful and accurate set of Stock tracking capabilities. It also has many other modules serving different industries:-

  • Servicing (eg aircon companies)

  • HelpDesk (service support companies)

  • Production with Shipment Manager (factories with production (production processes talking to PLCs, international shipment)

  • Project (Project type customers like electronic machines building or construction)

  • Pharma (with Consign,UOM,ParQty)

  • Consignment (supplier to supermarket chains, or hospital/clinic suppliers)

  • StkPriceChecker and many more.

BizControl ERP Benefits


Easy to Learn – Friendly interface, easy to learn and hence lower human resource training cost.

Greater Efficiency – There will be less repetitive work and also quicker work flow.

Removes work bottleneck from a key post by allowing work sharing through tight Access Rights.

Faster turnaround -Quick stock check, sales order creation, servicing etc status means quicker response to customer.

Business Analysis
– Apart from various orders, the system also prints out more than 100 reports and empowers management to make informed decisions through SQL data-mining.

-Up to 200 real-time users can be login at the same time, and can be extended upwards.

-Custom modules can be created and added, and existing modules can be modified to suit different companies.

– Traditional ERP systems are complex and very expensive to deploy, however with BizControl the deployment and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced, while retaining the reliability and power of these kind of systems. BizControl gives companies big performance boast with value-for- money investment, with features that could cost many times more. Our current standard Subscription model means affordable monthly expenses. No more worries of upgrade costs and maintenance charges.

Remote Access via RDP and EBC – Allow workers to work remotely. They can be physically in the office, at home, overseas, or in another building. As long they are connected to the Office LAN or via the Internet using RDP or VPN, they are just like in another room of the office. Your business operation will not be stopped by pandemics, natural disaster, or location disruptions with BizControl©.

Security – Most importantly, your data is highly secure, with powerful two-way encryption during connection all the time. No longer do you have to worry about web-browser-based applications that can be hacked into via Web Server. With BizControl all these fears goes away.

Support – With DBCSoft BizControl Subscription, your company will be provided with free software updates and technical email support.

BizControl ERP Advantages


Remote Access Via RDP

BizControl allows company to remotely access via secure RDP Server. This allows staffs to work from home. Company also can control and manage its overseas or different locations operations remotely.

Mobile Application – EBC
EBC works with BizControl to allow certain processes to be accessible via browsers on mobile devices like handphone or tablets. Ofcourse PC and notebooks too. All data is real-time linked to BC. Lots of modules can benefit from this hybrid linkage.

Shift Reliance On Key Staff to Role-Based in BC
BizControl allows company to rely less on key staff who controls a particular process, creating bottleneck and can negatively impact the company. eg. Sales staff with all customers information available to him via Excel spreadsheet, all quotations ever given in words and excel files all over his personal PC, and no servicing history logs recorded. When he leaves the customer data may just goes with him and to the competitors, while the new take-over staff had a hard time reconstructing what the service history was. BizControl instead controls him to only sees his assigned customers, cannot download or copy the data, and make it easy and compulsory for him to quote via the system, and maintain a traceable service log pertaining to each customer. All the other company customers information are protected and safe. Now, control is back to the hands of the owners.

Integrate Financial Information
Management will be able to assess company’s standing accurately and on timely manner, as all information pertaining to the company is available real-time. In addition these results will only be of one single version since every department is using the same system.

Integrate Customer Order Information
By having customer order information in one software system i.e. BizControl ERP, rather than scattered among many different systems that can not communicate with one another, companies can keep track of orders easily, and coordinate manufacturing, inventory and shipping among many different locations at the same time. BizControl© consolidates all various standalone softwares and presents a single view to its users.

Better Inventory Management
BizControl helps the manufacturing process flows smoothly, and it improves visibility of the order fulfillment process in the company. That can lead to reduced inventories of the material used to make products (with optional manufacturing inventory module), and it can help company better plan deliveries to customers, reducing the finished good inventory at the warehouses and shipping docks.

Improve Workflow and Efficiency
It improves the company time efficiency since all information is readily available, thus employees take less time to perform tasks.

Improve Control of Processes
Ability to keep track of the progress of any process and provides an integrated view of the operations on a consolidated platform to access all the information within the company. Thus improve efficiency and provide significant Return On Investment (ROI). BizControl also aid in hastening the time to respond to market needs.

Improve Management of Finances
BizControl gives the ability to track invoices, accounts payables and accounts receivables leading to better cash management, improved budgeting and better control on the cost.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Cost
BizControl will help your company to reduce costs through the elimination of waste caused by poor communication and coordination throughout your company.