What Can Hybrid BizControl ERP Do for My Business?

All world governments (think defense department) and most large listed companies host their critical data servers in their own offices and not on the public cloud. Only non-critical data are hosted on the public cloud. So why not our important customers?

We host BizControl ERP in customers’ offices, and allow remote access via RDP servers. At the same time we also have EBC (a mobile application) to allow access to data for sales and delivery staff on the move. It creates immerse flexibility in helping our customers serve their demanding customers today, while shielding the crucial and sensitive functions like accounting information from being accessed via web.

BizControl ERP is a developed-in-Singapore, reliable and powerful Enterprise Resource Planning software. It can work with our Remote Desktop Server software and EBC WebServer to deliver the remote system that you need. It keeps your accounting data safe and secure, only within the office. Every invoice update or stock check via EBC is real-time, and mobile orders keyed immediately appear in the back-end BizControl ERP.

It has an accurate multiple warehouse inventory tracking and true multi-currency systems to help your company to stay ahead. It integrates many departmental functions from sales, purchases, inventory control and accounting into a single system. It is suitable for companies that want to improve business efficiency and increase profitability. Furthermore, BizControl© can be customized to tightly suit any business processes. In summary BizControl ERP helps your company to:-

Increases business profit by increasing sales turnaround speed and decreasing decision time.
Lowers business operating cost by improving operational efficiency and productivity.
Lowers IT support cost through subscription model as monthly expenses.
Forge long term relationship and peace-of-mind through our subscription model which removes large upfront costs.

In summary, BizControl ERP together with EBC allow your company to have the system locally installed in your office server, and yet expose only the necessary operational modules to allow staffs to work anywhere in the world and securely access the same software system that controls your operation, sales, purchases, finance, accounting and other important departments. In times when Business Continuity Program is crucial due to Corona Virus Pandemic, BizControl ERP can bring a huge peace-of-mind and performance boast to your business.

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