About Us

Established since 2000, DBCSoft Pte Ltd is an experienced ERP and software development company in Singapore. Our company name DBCSoft stands for DataBase Centric Software. Over the years and through many projects, we have gathered substantial expertise in solving real world problems for our customers.

Riding on these experiences, we have developed a powerful ERP system named BizControl ERP, or BC for short. It has many modules to cater to different sizes of customers, from SME to MNC. Furthermore the system can be customised at the at the source code level to suit ever expanding customers’ requirements. This protects the investment of our customers as not many systems can truly be extended.

Hybrid ERP Approach
All world governments (think defense department) and most large listed companies host their critical data servers in their own offices and not on the public cloud. Only non-critical data are hosted on the public cloud. So why our important customers should not?

We host BizControl ERP in customers’ offices, and allow remote access via RDP servers. At the same time we also have EBC (a mobile application) to allow access to data for sales and delivery staff on the move. It creates immerse flexibility in helping our customers serve their demanding customers today, while shielding the crucial and sensitive functions like accounting information from being accessed via web.

Approach and Mission
At DBCSoft we strive to serve our customers with reliable and outstanding performance products. It is our pleasure to forge long-term relationship with our customers. The success of our customers is our success.