About Us

Established since 2000, DBCSoft Pte Ltd is an experienced ERP and software development company in Singapore. Our company name DBCSoft stands for DataBase Centric Software, to reflect our expertise in complex database-backed programming. Over the years and through many real-life projects, we have gathered substantial experience in relational database development and software programming.

Riding on these experiences, we have developed a powerful ERP system named BizControl ERP. It has many configurations to cater to different sizes of customers, from SME to MNC size. Furthermore the system can be customised at the at the source code level to suit ever expanding customers’ requirement (BC5 onwards).

Deploying Latest Technology
Keeping abreast with technological advances, we continually develop BizControl ERP to further empower it. We can deploy BizControl ERP 5 (BC5) in LAN and web environment with concurrent updating ability, meaning both the LAN and web
application can access the same database concurrently. It creates immerse flexibility in helping our customers serve their demanding customers today, while shielding the crucial and sensitive functions like accounting information from the web interface.

Turnkey Solution
In order to be a turnkey solution provider, we also provide consultation, installation, training, maintenance, and yearly outsource support services to our customers.

Approach and Mission
By being the developer of our own systems, we are able to recommend solutions that are suitable and long-term to our customer’s requirement. Acting as consultant to our customers, we put ourselves in their positions and formulate IT strategy with their long term vision, budget and maintenance costs in mind. Instead of facing hard-selling sales representatives, our customers will have
the service of our one-stop Technical Sales Consultants, who will be the bridge between the layman requests and the back-end technical translation of those requests. Customers can be assured of the result with our milestone project approach that stresses on planning and prototype review, to ensure the right solution is delivered. This approach has been praised by many of our customers as it eliminates unnecessary misunderstanding and delivers the desired product, on budget and on time.

We strive to serve our customers with excellent products and
prompt service. At the end of the day, it is our wish to forge
long-term strategic partnerships with our customers.