Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is BizControl ERP?

BizControl ERP (BC) is a mature ERP system which is stable, fast and reliable, suitable for SME to MNC use. There is a standard core system, with many add-on modules to suit different industries. It can be extended to suit customer requirement, as long as it conform to the overall design framework.

It is installed on the customer’s server (or a powerful PC that acts as the server) in their office for maximum data security. All the PC users will run a windows software that access the ERP. A WebBC server software will make the office server to become a Private Cloud server, allowing users to login from the mobile devices (handphone, tablets, notebooks) and access operational functions like Invoices, Delivery Order without exposing sensitive functions like accounting and payment.

How is BizControl ERP offered?

BizControl ERP is offered as a Premium on-site ERP subscription, starting from as low as SGD$110 per user/month (minimum 3 users). Standard installation charges applies, depending on customer requirement. Standard csv import templates is available for rapid import and startup of the system for immediate usage.

For companies that prefer to own the system via traditional way of paying a one-off fee (yearly software support + future upgrade costs will be applicable), the option is also available upon inquiry.

How can we deploy BizControl ERP (BC) during COVID-19?

We can deploy BC remotely once the user has furnish us the router password, and run a standard remote support software on the chosen PC or server in office to act as the ERP server. Standard csv import templates will be provided to the client to import information for rapid startup and usage of the system. The invoice, DO, PO format will adapted to and company logo will be imported.

Is there local support in Singapore? ​

Yes,while the standard support is remote support via web (user and our tech will voice call and see the same screen appearing on customer site’s PC), we can also go onsite for emergency support (after COVID-19).